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Happy New Year!

Welcome to the start of 2020 and a Happy New Year to you all.

Not only a new year but a new decade. Looking forward to fresh challanges ahead, technical advances and hopefully still using good old fashioned knowhow!

Cadet Enrolment

Wednesday 15th January

This evening Cadets Caitlyn Roberts and Cameron Tsang were officially enrolled into the Squadron, by the Squadron Chaplain Reverend Hilary Brunyee.

Many thanks to their parents and guardians that attended the ceremony.

Wing Cross Country

Sunday 19th January

What a super effort by our team today at East Cheshire Harriers & Tameside Athletic Club, Ashto-under-Lyne.

Junior Girls

Corporal Phoebe Woodard, Cadets Lacie Davies and Hannah Donovan   5th

Senior Girls

Sergeant Emma Dawson, Corporals Emily Kalis and Madeline Rigby   6th

Junior Boys

Cadets Jake Colledge, Aaron Nelson and Joshua Speakman   2nd

Intermediate Boys

Sergeant Thomas Maher and Corporal Jake Robson   8th

Senior Boys

Flight Sergeant Justin Markland and Cader Ethan Clarke-Gauld   2nd

The total position for the girls teams was 3rd and the boys teams was 1st.

The combined and overall position in the Wing Cross Country Championships was 1st.
Fabulous result, well done to all again for your excellent performance.

Individual Medals

Cadet Joshua Speakman   Gold Medal

Sergeant Thomas Maher   Silver Medal

Flight Sergeant Justin Markland, Sergeant Thomas Maher Cadet and Joshua Speakman, have been selected to represent the Wing at the Regional Championships.

Thanks to the staff team Civilian Instructors Mr Jacob Beaver, Mr Joe Morrell and Cadet Flight Sergeant Shannon Bradley for their support.

Youth First Aid Course

Saturday 25th & Sunday 26th January

Cadets Jake Colledge, Taylor Higson, Finlay Mercer, Jakub Mika, Nathan Morris and Alaistair Wilson, enjoyed the activities and took part enthusiastically.

This course was led by Flight Sergeant Shannon Bradley.

Heartstart Course

Sunday 26th January

This will be the first badge awarded to several of our junior cadets who joined in September.

Well done to Cadets Hannah Donovan, James Holder, Caitlyn Roberts, Riley Smith, Kira Sykes and Cameron Tsang.
Cadet Denby Ashurst also qualified.

The course was led by Flight Lieutenant Samantha Morrell, Civilian Instructors Mr Jacob Beaver and Miss Grace Leather.



Cadet Intermediate Leadership Silver Badge

Corporal Phoebe Woodard

Cadet Basic Leadership Bronze Badge

Corporal Jake Robson


Musician Silver Badge   Trumpeter

Sergeant Emma Dawson and Corporal Jake Robson

January 2020

  • Flying
  • Recruiting
  • Shooting
  • Wing Conference
  • MOI Assessment
  • Wing Activity Weekend
  • Bag Pack
  • Ground School
  • Cross Country
  • Annual Inspection
  • Awards


Tuesday 4th February

The weather was not so good this morning, at RAF Woodvale near Formby but we were optimistic for the afternoon.
The wind being the biggest problem and gusts were evident.

Patience paid of and at 3pm the first two cadets took to the skies with the last 2 landing at 4.40pm.

Those cadets who were lucky enough to fly today included the following.

Corporal Phoebe Woodard and Cadet Jake Colledge who were awarded their Aviation Training Package (Aircraft) Blue Wings

Corporal Emily Kalis, Cadets Denby Ashurst, Lacie Davies and Caitlyn Roberts.

Unfortunately we could not get Sergeant Emma Dawson, Cadets Baz Fretwell and Taylor Higson into the air but thank you for giving up your school day.

Careers Evening

Thursday 6th February

Thanks to Civilian Instructor Mr Jacob Beaver and Flight Sergeant Shannon Bradley who attended St Mary’s School this evening to display our recruiting stand.

As a result we have had some enquiries from interested young people.

Please make enquiries via the website if you are interested in having a look round. That applies to any new young person who is reading this website.

Air Rifle Shooting and Heartstart

Friday 7th February


Well done to Cadets Jake Colledge and Alaistair Wilson on gaining their Marksman Blue Badges and Cadets Daniel Short and Joshua Speakman on gaining their Trained Shot Blue Badges.


Thanks to Flight Sergeant Shannon Bradley who trained Cadets Lacie Davies and Thomas Pollard which qualified them for their Heartstart Blue Badges.

Greater Manchester Wing Conference

Sunday 9th February

The Wing held it’s annual conference today at Ashton Training centre.

A number of interesting topics were discussed including planned changes for the organisation, an update to safeguarding and security within the organisation, group discussions on STEM and staff development.

Flight Lieutenant Samantha Morrell and Civilian Instructor Mr Jacob Beaver represented the squadron.

Method of Instruction Assessment

Wednesday 12th February

Congratulations to Sergeant Thomas Maher who undertook his MOI Assessment this evening, with one of the Wing Staff Officers, Flight Lieutenant Mike Kostecky.

Sergeant Maher did his assessment on Principles of Flight and was an excellent presentation.

He will be awarded with his lanyard in due course.
Well done

Wing Activity Weekend

Saturday 15th & Sunday 16th February

The Wing provided a selection of courses this weekend which qualifies cadets for certain badges upon successful completion of the course and any assessments.

This weekend cadets from the Squadron were awarded the following badges:

Activity First Aid Silver Badge

Sergeant Emma Dawson

Basic Radio Operator & Cyber Awarness Blue Badge

Cadet Jakub Mika

Cyber Foundation Bronze Badge

Cadets Bobbi Adamson and Taylor Higson

Trained Shot Blue Badge

Cadets Denby Ashurst and Caitlyn Roberts

Cadets Lacie Davies and James Holder attended air rifle training.

Sergeant Justin Markland attended his introduction to staff cadet training.

Civilian Instructors Mr Jacob Beaver, Miss Grace Leather and Miss Katie Morrell attended the Risk Assessors Course and the Tutor Training Course for the Elementary Training Award in Health & Safety.

Flight Lieutenant Samantha Morrell continued to train cadets in Activity First Aid and Youth First Aid.

Thanks to all who gave up another one of their weekends.

SSAFA Bag Pack

Saturday 22nd February

Thanks to all those who gave up another day to fundraise by bag packing today at Asda in Swinton.
The customers are always really generous and we thank them for raising £728.
Thank you to the staff at Asda.

Thanks to Swinton SSAFA members who also gave up their day, especially one who is also a Squadron Committee Member, Glinis Horton.
SSAFA kindly split the donation with the Squadron.

Thanks to Sergeant Steve Everett, Civilian Instructors Mr Jacob Beaver and Miss Katie Morrell who supervised the day.

Gliding Ground School

Saturday 22nd February

This was a ground school trip only i.e no gliding.
The students study principles of flight then fly in a state of the art simulator.
Ordinarily this would be before students fly or glide but the three cadets has flown in a Grob Tutor in the past.
Having completed all three elements they will all be awarded with their Aviation Training Package (Aircraft) Blue Wings.

Congratulations to Cadet Corporal Emily Kalis, Cadets Lacie Davies and Baz Fretwell.

Thanks to Civilian Instructors Miss Grace Leather and Mr Joe Morrell who escorted the cadets to RAF Woodvale.

North Region Cross Country

Sunday 23rd February

Sergeant Thomas Maher and Cadet Josh Speakman went to represent Greater Manchester Wing today and as a result will gain Wing Blues.

Cadet Speakman came 3rd in the Junior Boys event.
He will be selected to represent North Region at the National Championships, in March at RAFC Cranwell.

Congratulations to you both. Great effort.

Annual Formal Inspection

Wednesday 26th February

Thank you to all those cadets who turned up exceptionally smart for our AFI.
You will be pleased to hear, that we are an extremely vibrant squadron with much to offer.

The reviewing officer Squadron Leader Will Taylor, was remarkably impressed by our skills and management, so I thank all our staff and committee for that.

Wing Commander Dave Archibald was delighted to present many awards at the end of the night, so congratulations to you all.


Method of Instruction Lanyard

Sergeant Thomas Maher

Duke of Edinburgh

Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Award

Cadet Joshua Speakman

Duke of Edinburgh Silver Award

Corporal Emily Kalis

First Aid

Heartstart Blue Badges

Cadets Lacie Davies and Thomas Pollard


Trained Shot Blue Badges

Cadets Denby Ashurst, Caitlyn Roberts, Daniel Short and Joshua Speakman

Marksman Blue Badges

Cadets Jake Colledge and Alaistair Wilson


Musician Blue Badge   Drummer

Corporal Phoebe Woodard

Musician Blue Badge   Trumpeter

Cadet Baz Fretwell



Aviation Training Package (Aircraft) Bronze Wings

Flight Sergeant Shannon Bradley

Aviation Training Package (Aircraft) Blue Wings

Cadet Jake Colledge


Senior Cadet Badges

Sergeant Emma Dawson and Corporal Jake Robson

First Class Badge

Cadet Denby Ashurst

First Aid

Youth First Aid Bronze Badges

Cadet Jake Colledge, Nathan Morris and Alaistair Wilson

Heartstart Blue Badges

Cadets Denby Ashurst, Hannah Donovan, James Holder, Caitlyn Roberts, Riley Smith, Kira Sykes and Cameron Tsang

February 2020

  • Wing Cadet Forum
  • Wing Activity Weekend
  • Awards

Wing Cadet Forum

Sunday 1st March

An annual review for selected cadets to attend the forum, to discuss plans and future developments for the Wing.

Flight Sergeant Shannon Bradley, Corporals Emily Kalis, Jake Robson and Cadet Taylor Higson, along with Civilian Instructors Mr Jacob Beaver and Miss Grace Leather represented the Squadron.

Wing Activity Weekend

Friday 6th - Sunday 8th March

Flight Lieutenant Samantha Morrell along with Cadets James Holder and Finlay Mercer

Cadets Holder and Mercer were introduced to the L144 Rifle which fires .22 rounds.
They spent the weekend training and after passing their WHT, they fired their first practice in the shooting syllabus - CLF 1.

Well done, it was cold and windy weekend as usual at Nescliff Training Camp.



Aviation Training Package (Aircraft) Blue Wings

Cadet Baz Fretwell and Corporal Emily Kalis


Basic Radio Operator & Cyber Awarness Blue Badge

Cadet Joshua Speakman, Cadet Baz Fretwell and Denby Ashurst

Regional Blue

Cross Country

Cadet Joshua Speakman

March 2020