Worsley Air Cadets

News 2013

  • First Aid
  • DCCT Course
  • Five-a-Side

Youth First Aid Course     Squadron HQ

Saturday 5th - Sunday 6th January

The course was a success, with everybody passing. Congratulations to the following; Cadets Cameron Blaydes, Oliver Cannon, Samuel Chester, Abbie Gregson, Faye Hulton, Lucy Hulton, Grace Leather, Bailey Martin, Harry Powell and William Scowcroft.

Badges have been presented and certificates are on the way.

DCCT Course     RAF Linton-on-Ouse and Strensall Range

Friday 11th - Saturday 12th January

Flight Lieutenant Samantha Morrell and Civilian Instructor Mr Matt Coakley, attended a weekend course to qualify for them to run the Defence Close Combat Trainer (DCCT). A giant computer screen and system which offers firing opportunities on a variety of different range simulations.

Wing Five-a-Side Competition

Sunday 20th January

Open Girls Team

Cadets Abbie Gregson, Grace Leather, Jess Lockett and Katie Morrell

Particularly well done to the Girls Team, who with only four girls, managed to get through to the semi-final narrowly missing out on the bronze medals.

Senior Boys Team

Flight Sergeant Joe Morrell, Sergeant Tom Scowcroft, Corporal Ryan Nicholson, Cadets Marcus Caldwell and Callum Wilson

Well done to the Senior Team who beat 1855 (Royton) Squadron in the final of the Greater Manchester Wing Competition.

It was 1-1 and went to golden goal but nobody scored so it went to penalties. Penalties were equal with 4 each so it went to golden penalties.

1099 scored three in a row and Sergeant Tom Scowcroft, saved Royton's third shot thus crowning the team with the gold medal.

Junior Boys Team

Cadets Ross Agius, Jakub Amin, Cameron Blaydes, Edward Radley, Thomas Rowley and William Scowcroft

The Junior Team did not have much luck in the day, being beaten in all their matches but good effort nonetheless.

January 2013

  • Wing Training
  • D of E Conference
  • Communications Course
  • Wing Conference
  • Cadet Enrolment
  • Cross Country

Wing Training Weekend     Swynnerton

Friday 1st - Sunday 3rd February

There are several courses ran over the Wing Training Weekends.

This weekend saw Cadets Callum Fenton and Callum Wilson, attend the Junior NCO Course.

Here they learn about leadership skills and demonstrate their skills in the practical exercises. This is a useful course for those cadets, who want to be considered for promotion or for those cadets who are new NCO's and would like to develop their skills.

Wing Duke of Edinburgh Award Conference

Sunday 10th February

Flight Lieutenant Samantha Morrell attended the conference, which reviews updates to the scheme and develop new skills that are pertinent, to running the scheme within the Squadron.

Communications Course     70 (Croft & Culcheth) Squadron

Saturday 16th February

Cadets nominated themselves to start the Communications Course, which will hopefully lead to the Radio Operators Certificate and Communications Badge.

The course is expected to last until the end of the year. On this day they learnt Introduction to Radio Technique (Theory and Practical) and were introduced to the Satellite Communications module.

Wing Conference

Sunday 17th February

Flight Lieutenant Samantha Morrell and Civilian Instructor Mr Matt Coakley, attended the conference. Plans for the Wing are discussed with regards to training and development for staff and cadets, for the next twelve months

The Squadron Treasurer Mr Ged Bithell, also attended his element of the finance meeting.

During the day, we were presented with an excellent speech from the new Commandant Air Cadets, Air Commodore McCafferty. She described some of the potential changes which are to include some challenging times for the organisation. She was so chuffed that she had got this job!

Cadet Enrolment

Wednesday 20th February

Cadet Thomas McNicholas was officially enrolled into the Squadron, by the Squadron Chaplain Reverend Hilary Brunyee.

Wing Cross Country Competition, Wythenshawe Park

Sunday 24th February

Unfortunately due to a massive navigating error on the motorway, we missed the start of the competition.

Thanks go to the following cadets; Sergeant Tom Scowcroft, Cadets Jakub Amin, Callum Fenton, Abbie Gregson, Katie Morrell and Edward Radley, who were prepared to give up their day for the event.

February 2013

  • Cadet Enrolment
  • Annual Inspection
  • BASIC Course

Cadet Enrolment

Wednesday 6th March

With new cadets joining at the moment, we had further enrolments to do.

Cadets Adam Holland, Matthew Jacovelli, Lewis Swinglehurst and Ryan Warren were officially enrolled into the Squadron, by the Squadron Chaplain Reverend Hilary Brunyee.

Many thanks to all the parents and guardians that attended the ceremony.

Wednesday 20th March

Cadet Jake Edgar was officially enrolled into the Squadron, by the Squadron Chaplain Reverend Hilary Brunyee.

Squadron Annual Inspection

Wednesday 13th March

One of the most important nights on the Squadron calendar is the annual inspection. We scored highly, thanks to all the cadets, who made a special effort with hair and uniform!

I want to thank all the staff for being a great team, Reverend Hilary Brunyee, Sergeant Ava Joyce, and Civilian Instructor Mr Steve Everett.

With special thanks to, Sergeant Tom Appleby and Civilian Instructor Mr Matt Coakley, who along with Flight Lieutenant Samantha Morrell were there from early morning and late at night to prepare the building, which is undergoing refurbishment at the moment.

BASIC Course

Saturday 16th March

All cadets and new staff have to attend a course called BASIC, which is designed to introduce the common sense rules, for those cadets who are to turn 18 years of age.

Flight Sergeant Joe Morrell and Sergeant Tom Scowcroft were in attendance today.

March 2013

  • Gibraltar
  • Hockey Trials
  • Regional Hockey

Overseas Camp     Gibraltar

Monday 1st - Monday 8th April

Flight Lieutenant Samantha Morrell, Flight Sergeant Joe Morrell and Sergeant Tom Scowcroft were fortunate enough to attend the camp, which was organised by Central and East Region and had vacancies for cadets for the week. Two other cadets were also offered places but had to decline due to exam pressures.

It was a busy week, flying into Gibraltar with the rock and the sea in full view. There was a visit to the many tunnels, some which are for military use only and is always a privilege to see. There was a ride in the cable car and we walked the rock to visit the many monkeys, that are entertaining but occasionally nasty. We also had the opportunity for a dolphin tour out on the Gibraltar straight.

We visited the Police Dog, Bomb Squad and Fire sections who demonstrated their many excellent and varied skills which keep the Royal Air Force station and runway safe. We met the cadets and staff of No 2 Overseas (Gibraltar) Squadron.

The week also offered an opportunity for sports with the Gibraltar Regiment PTI's and later some bowling. Cadets had a good experience but did have achy legs afterwards.

We had a coach ride to Marbella in Spain, for a tree top climbing experience and had a short time on the beach for some sun, as it rained all week in Gibraltar!

If you ever get the chance, please take it as it is a good week.

Wing Junior Hockey Trials & Junior Football Trials

Saturday 13th April

Greater Manchester Wing advertised to all the junior girls for hockey trials, to represent them in the forthcoming regional event. Cadet Katie Morrell took the challenge and was selected for the competition that took place the day after.

We did have volunteers for junior lads football but on this occasion they were not in the required age range so hopefully next year, we should have plenty.

Regional Junior Hockey Competition

Sunday 14th April

Cadet Katie Morrell represented the Wing today. She played so well that she was selected to attend trials for the North Regional Team, with several other girls from Greater Manchester Wing. This is her first Wing Blue and we wish her well for the forthcoming trials on 28th April.

April 2013

  • Athletics
  • First Aid
  • Annual Presentation
  • Shooting

Wing Athletics Competition     Sports City, Manchester

Sunday 12th May

Thanks to Cadets Oliver Cannon, Abbie Gregson, Grace Leather and Thomas Rowley who entered as much as they could in each of their categories.

Well done to Cadet Abbie Gregson who won a Bronze Medal in the Junior Girls 200m final.

Youth First Aid Course

Tuesday 14th - Wednesday 15th May

Congratulations to Cadets Adam Holland, Matthew Jacovelli, Alex Lambley, Thomas McNicholas, Harry Powell, Lewis Swinglehurst and Ryan Warren who passed their Youth First Aid, Red Badge Award and gained their Heart-Start Certificates. who attended the First Aid Course.

This course includes practical and theoretical lessons and concludes with an assessment.

The assessment is nerve racking and involves demonstrating good skills in resuscitation and the recovery position. It also includes a scenario in which all candidates have to safely administer first aid, to a bleeding casualty who is suffering from shock.

Annual Presentation     Boothstown Royal British Legion

Friday 17th May

Many thanks to the Ceremonial Mayor of Salford, Councillor Alan Clague and his wife who spent the evening, presenting the cadets with their; Certificates of Personal Achievement, the special certificates and the trophies.

Congratulations to all those who received awards but in particular to the following on their achievements;

Cadet of the Year

Sergeant Tom Scowcroft

Junior Cadet of the Year

Cadet Katie Morrell

Sports Cadet of the Year

Cadet Abbie Gregson

It was a good night, the buffet was very good and the DJ very entertaining. All our cadets, some who had only recently started, behaved impeccably.

I would like to thank all those parents and family members who turned up to support the event.

Shooting and Leadership Weekend     RAF Shawbury

Saturday 18th - Sunday 19th May

Well done to all those who attended the weekend after a late night on Friday. The Saturday late start made it easier.

May 2013

  • Armed Forces Day
  • D of E Expedition

Armed Forces Day     Boothstown Royal British Legion

Sunday 15th June

Armed Forces Day is an annual event held in Boothstown, in which funds are raised to support the armed force charities.

Thanks to Cadets Jacob Beaver, Mikey Dunphy, Katie Morrell and Thomas Rowley, who volunteered to support this event, which helps promote the Squadron to the local community.

Thanks also to Sergeant Tom Appleby (ATC) who gave up his day to assist.

Duke of Edinburgh Award Practice Expedition

Saturday 29th - Sunday 30th

After several months of training and preparing, 14 cadets attended South Lancashire Moors near Rivington to do their first practice expedition.

The weather was very kind, perfect walking weather, their campcraft skills were pretty good and I think they enjoyed it, even though they came home shattered.

Well done to Cadets Oliver Cannon, Mikey Dunphy, Jake Edgar, Abbie Gregson, Adam Holland, Matthew Jacovelli, Grace Leather, Thomas McNicholas, Katie Morrell, Harry Powell, Edward Radley, Thomas Rowley, Lewis Swinglehurst and Ryan Warren.

Thanks also to all the staff who enjoyed supervising the weekend.

June 2013

  • Wing Expedition
  • Gliding Induction
  • Examinations
  • Air Tattoo

Wing Expedition Weekend     Linnet Clough, Stockport

Saturday 6th - Sunday 7th July

Cadets Jakub Amin and Jacob Beaver were unable to attend the Bronze D of E Expeditions in June with the Squadron, therefore they took the opportunity to attend a Wing Practice Expedition for their D of E.

Gliding Induction Course     RAF Topcliffe

Sunday 14th July

First time gliding was experienced by Cadets Oliver Cannon, Grace Leather, Katie Morrell and Harry Powell. Although they were nervous at first, they soon enjoyed the experience.

Thanks to Sergeant Ava Joyce who gave up her day to take them at short notice.

Leading Cadet Examinations

Tuesday 16th July

Congratulations to Cadets Jacob Beaver, Mikey Dunphy, Katie Morrell and Thomas Rowley who passed their Leading Cadet Examinations this evening.

Royal International Air Tattoo     RAF Fairford

Thursday 18th - Tuesday 23rd July

There was no shortage of volunteers to assist at RIAT, unfortunately we were only allocated four places, that went to Cadets Jacob Beaver, Grace Leather, Katie Morrell and Thomas Rowley.

They were accompanied by Civilian Instructor Mr Steven Everett who had replaced Flight Lieutenant Samantha Morrell, at very short notice.

The six days consist of preparing for the show, this included visits to UK and Overseas aircraft and their crews. They then assisted over the weekend of the air show, where they escorted and supervised members of the public.

It is a very tiring week with early starts and late finishes. We congratulate all the cadets on their positive determination.

Particular well done to Cadet Beaver who was nominated, his flight's ‘red sparrow’.
This award is given to a cadet in each flight under 16, who has most impressed the flight staff over the working period and who is attending RIAT for the first time.

July 2013

  • Officer Cadet
  • RAF Leadership
  • Swimming
  • Battle of Britain
  • Promotions
  • Gliding
  • D of E Expedition

Promotion to Officer Cadet

Friday 6th September

Well done to Civilian Instructor Mr Matthew Coakley who has attended RAF College Cranwell for selection to become an officer.

I am pleased to announce that he has been recommended after completing in several leadership tasks and interviews. He will now be an Officer Cadet until he passes his week’s course at RAF Cranwell.

Wing RAF Leadership Challenge     Swynnerton Training Camp

Friday 6th - Sunday 8th September

A fantastic performance by Team 1099 in the second year of this annual event where entry for squadrons is expected. The seven man cadet team, is made up of varying classifications and NCO’s along with a minimum of two girls.

We were not short of volunteers, which creates a difficult selection.

The team;Sergeant Tom Scowcroft, Corporals Marcus Caldwell, Callum Wilson, Cadets Abbie Gregson, Mikey Dunphy, Grace Leather and Thomas Rowley, came 4th from 27 entries in the overall leadership competition.

Thanks to Flight Lieutenant Samantha Morrell and Officer Cadet Matthew Coakley who assisted with the running of the weekend, along with many other officers and staff from within the Wing.

Swimming     Westhoughton Swimming Pool

Saturday 14th September

In order to help us select the team for the Wing Competition next weekend, we booked Westhoughton Swimming Pool for some time trials.

The cadets all take part in all three events and points go to the Inter-Flight Competition.

There is also an opportunity for new cadets to gain their swimming awards and the following cadets gained their awards:

Basic Swimming Award

Cadets Adam Holland, Jamie Johnson-Lee, Alex Lambley, William Scowcroft and Ryan Warren

Intermediate Swimming Award

Cadet Lewis Swinglehurst

Advanced Swimming Award

Cadet Tom McNicholas

The finale is climbing (and falling) on the water bouncy inflatable. Even the staff have to have a go!

Wing Swimming Competition     Stockport Pool

Saturday 21st September

Well done to the following Corporals Callum Wilson, Katie Morrell, Cadets Abbie Gregson and Tom McNicholas who represented the Squadron and managed to come 14th as a team from 37.

Well done to Cadet Gregson, who gained a Bronze Medal in Junior Girls Freestyle and Corporal Wilson, who gained a Silver Medal in the Senior Boys Breaststroke. He has been selected to represent the Wing Swimming Team.

RAF Battle of Britain Parade     Greater Manchester

Sunday 15th September

Thanks to Sergeant Tom Scowcroft, Corporals Marcus Caldwell, Callum Wilson, Cadets Jakub Amin, Jacob Beaver, Mikey Dunphy, Abbie Gregson, Adam Holland, Alex Lambley, Grace Leather, Katie Morrell, Lewis Parsons, Thomas Rowley, William Scowcroft and Ryan Warren, who gave up their afternoon to be part of a 600 plus cadet contingent in Manchester City Centre.

Thanks also to Flight Sergeant Mike Daley (ATC) who accompanied the cadets.

Junior NCO Promotions

Friday 20th September

After a presentation to the Squadron and a stressful interview by a board of staff, the following cadets were promoted to Corporal;

Cadets Mikey Dunphy, Katie Morrell and Thomas Rowley.

Well done. You have started on a new rung of a long ladder. We wish you every success.

Gliding Induction Day     RAF Topcliffe

Sunday 22nd September

A glorious and lucky day for; Cadets Jakub Amin, Abbie Gregson, Adam Holland, Tom McNicholas, Lewis Swinglehurst and Ryan Warren.

All first timers who managed two flights today.

Thanks to Officer Cadet Matthew Coakley and Sergeant Tom Appleby (ATC) who drove the cadets and gave up another one of their days.

Bronze Duke of Edinburgh Award Expedition

Saturday 28th - Sunday 29th September

Well done to Cadets Jacob Beaver, Mikey Dunphy, Abbie Gregson, Thomas Rowley, Lewis Swinglehurst and Ryan Warren.

September 2013

  • Expedition Assessors
  • CVQO Presentation
  • D of E Expedition
  • Shooting
  • Examinations
  • Enrolment
  • Halloween

Expedition Assessors Weekend     Edale

Friday 4th - Sunday 6th October

A very stressful weekend undertaken by Flight Lieutenant Samantha Morrell and Civilian Instructor Mr Steve Everett.

Both passed but are glad it is all over after six weekends away and many extra nights training from February 2013.

CVQO Annual Presentation     Kia Oval, London

Friday 11th October

Cadet Vocational Qualifications Organisation (CVQO) are the responsible organisation for our cadets, who nominate themselves for the music diploma and the diploma in public services, which is ran at no cost to nominated cadets by the Squadron.

In addition, they are also responsible for encouraging staff to also apply for various courses and qualifications.

After nearly 25 years as an officer and after undertaking a great deal of academic work in the last two years, Flight Lieutenant Samantha Morrell and was awarded her City and Guilds Graduateship in Youth Management and Leadership.

It was a lovely and deserving presentation and she was accompanied by her husband, Mr Ian Morrell.

Bronze Duke of Edinburgh Award Expedition     Darwen

Saturday 12th - Sunday 13th October

Unfortunately due to horrendous winds, the group were unable to camp and the expedition had to be abandoned on the Saturday night.

Friday 18th - Saturday 19th October

We thought that we would have to wait until the 2014 season but the following cadets managed to come out the following weekend instead.

Great effort by Corporal Katie Morrell, Cadets Jakub Amin, Adam Holland, Matthew Jacovelli, Grace Leather, Tom McNicholas and Jonathan Schofield.

They successfully passed their Bronze Expedition in place of last weekends disappointment.

Thanks to Flight Lieutenant Samantha Morrell and Civilian Instructor Steve Everett who managed to cover Friday and Saturday.

Shooting     Bury TA Centre

Sunday 20th October

Thanks to Flying Officer Peter Rowan of 1036 Bury squadron who facilitated the day at Bury. We could not have managed without his help in booking the range and allowing us to use his kit, so that we did not have to transport all ours.

There were several Marksmanship Badges gained today but I will announce the names once they have been authorised by the Wing Shooting Officer.

Cadet Examinations

Wednesday 23rd October

This evening saw the completion of some of the classification examinations.

Leading Cadet

Cadets Jakub Amin and Abbie Gregson

First Class Cadet

Cadets Adam Holland and Ryan Warren

Cadet Enrolment

Wednesday 23rd October

This evening Daniel Crowther, Jamie Johnson-Lee, Matthew Morris and Alison Ryan were officially enrolled into the Squadron, by the Squadron Chaplain Reverend Hilary Brunyee.

Many thanks to all the parents and guardians that attended the ceremony.

Halloween Fancy Dress

Friday 25th October

As so many cadets were going to be away for Halloween for half term, we had an early fancy dress with a pastie and peas night, along with a few silly games!

October 2013

  • Remembrance Parade
  • Drill Competition
  • Children in Need
  • Enrolment
  • Shooting
  • First Aid

Remembrance Day Parade     St Paul Peel

Sunday 10th November

Thanks to all the Cadets and Staff for their attendance. It was a cold but glorious day.

The Band was praised for their performance.

Last Post was played by Sergeant Ava Joyce (ATC) and Cadet Jakub Amin.

Drill Competition

Sunday 10th November

It was a close competition once again, with the Drill Trophy and Drill Commander's Trophy going to B Flight making them the overall winners.

A Flight gained the Dress and Deportment Trophy.

Well done to Corporal Callum Wilson who lead A Flight and to Corporal Marcus Caldwell who lead B Flight. This was their first time leading the flights in competition. It is not easy and they did very well.

Thanks to all the parents and friends for their attendance in supporting the event.

Thanks to Mrs Joyce who prepared and served refreshments for all cadets and visitors during the day.

Children in Need

Friday 15th November

Cadets raised money for Children in Need, by attending in fancy dress.

Money was raised by donating a £1 for non-uniform and a guess the sweeties-in-a-jar competition.

The canteen's profits for the night have also been donated.

£85 was raised by the cadets, which the Squadron will round up to £100

Well done to all!

Cadet Enrolment, Squadron HQ

Wednesday 20th November

With new cadets joining at the moment, we had a further enrolment to do.

Cadet Joel Boardman was officially enrolled into the Squadron by the Squadron Chaplain Reverend Hilary Brunyee.

Shooting & Sports Leaders     RAF Shawbury

Friday 22th - Sunday 24th November

A well attended weekend with Sports Leaders events being ran during the Saturday. The emphasis was on ABC; Agility, Balance and Co-ordination.

The cadets also had to perform a piece of work to music and they all did very well. Thank you for your efforts. It was very entertaining.

Well done to those who shot well in the cold and further extended their knowledge and training on the two rifles that we use. All the first time firers did remarkably well.

Thanks to a full compliment of staff for their support this weekend.

Youth First Aid CourseSquadron HQ

Tuesday 26th - Wednesday 27th November

Well done to Cadets Daniel Crowther, Jamie Johnson-Lee, Lewis Parsons and Alison Ryan for coming to the squadron on both days after school.

They each passed their Youth First Aid, Red Badge Award and gained their Heart-Start Certificates.

November 2013

  • Christmas Quiz
  • Gliding
  • Worsley’s Got Talent

Christmas Quiz

Friday 13th December

A fun night of Christmas themed music and quiz questions. The cadets formed themselves into teams of 2 - 4.

The Merry Prancers consisting of Jacob Beaver, Mikey Dunphy, Katie Morrell and Tom Rowley, won the night and gained First Prize.

Runners Up were the Magic Flying Unicorns; Abbie Gregson and Grace Leather.

Well done to all teams.

Gliding Induction Course     RAF Topcliffe

Saturday 14th December

The weather which was bright but cold and no wind, was very kind again.

First time flight for Cadet William Scowcroft with GIC 2’s for Corporal Callum Fenton, Cadets Alex Lambley and Grace Leather

Worsley’s Got Talent (or has it)!

Wednesday 18th December

This evening cadets were invited to perform a small sketch or demonstrate a skill.

Winners were overwhelmingly Cadets Joel Boardman and Harry Powell, with their interpretation of a Man on a Chair!

Well done to all who performed.

We finished with tables full of buffet food and goodies donated by all cadets and staff.

Thanks to everybody who contributed.

December 2013