News 2015

  • Annual Formal Inspection
  • Inskip Training Centre
  • Wing Conference
  • RAF Shawbury Weekend
  • Recruiting
  • SSAFA Bag Pack

Annual Inspection

Friday 9th January

The Squadron is visited by three Wing Staff Officers for an Annual Inspection.
The reviewing officer was Squadron Leader Archibald and the inspecting officers were Squadron Leader Rimmer and Warrant Officer Cooper.

We were pleased to learn that they were very impressed, with the commitment of the cadets. This is shown through their enthusiasm, motivation and achievements.

They were equally impressed with the dedication of the squadron staff. Especially with their involvement to constantly upgrade and extend their already growing list of qualifications and awards.

Thanks to everybody for all that you do for the Squadron which includes the wonderful Squadron Chaplain, Reverend Hilary Brunyee and the members of the Civilian Welfare Committee.

Inskip Training Centre

Saturday 19th January

Flight Lieutenant Samantha Morrell and Sergeant Ava Joyce visited the new Cadet Training Centre, to consider booking the facility at some point during the year.

It was an interesting visit as we were shown around the facilities, which includes a radio room, flight simulator with the latest software for the Vigilant glider, IT suite, air rifle range. It also has plenty of space to do sports, leadership and fieldcraft.

Wing Conference

Sunday 11th January

The Squadron Commander and three staff from each Squadron were invited to the annual conference which discusses ideas for the future of the Wing, Squadrons, staff and cadets.

We were also introduced to the New Regional Commandant, Group Captain Harpum, who delivered an entertaining presentation on leadership.

It was a very interesting day as we had several presentations and updates as to any forward planning.

RAF Shawbury Weekend

Friday 23rd - Sunday 25th January


Cadets had a good day on the range on Saturday firing the .22 rifle, with several cadets firing the L98A2 for the first time.

Cadet Joseph Kay qualified for his Squadron Marksmanship Badge, which has been sent to Wing for authorisation.

Sports Leaders

Some cadets spent some time in the sports hangar, completing various elements of their Sports Leaders awards.


Sunday was spent with cadets rotating through a series of exercises, for the technical module element of the communications badge. This included working with a multi-meter, soldering, wiring a plug and taking further part in radio practical exercises.

The senior cadets enjoyed learning all about authenticating and the junior cadets enjoyed running around the airfield, practicing their radio comms speak.

The final element for some of the senior cadets, was to sit their VHF paper and most did very well.

Communication Badge

This weekend culminated in the final Communication Badge module for Corporals Jacob Beaver, Katie Morrell and Tom Rowley.
It is hoped that they will be awarded their badges in due course.

Well done to all cadets but a particular well done to all the staff who pulled out all the stops, to make the practical exercises exciting.


Wednesday 28th January

This evening saw a very busy careers evening at St Mary’s School, to which the squadron is invited annually. It is an opportunity to profile and recruit for local squadrons.

SSAFA Bag Pack

Sunday 31st January

Thank you to Corporals Jacob Beaver, Katie Morrell, Tom Rowley, Cadets Georgio Adamopoulos, Jacob Farr and Harry Powell, that spent the day collecting with Manchester South Squadron at Salford Tesco.

The organiser was very impressed by the quality of our young people and we raised £985.95

Thanks to the staff and customers at Tesco, Salford.

January 2015

  • Wing Cross Country
  • Activity First Aid
  • Walkden Community Fair
  • SSAFA Bag Pack
  • Wing Shooting
  • Duke of Edinburgh

Wing Cross Country Competition

Sunday 1st February

Well done to Corporals Abbie Gregon, Katie Morrell, Grace Leather, Cadets Jakub Amin, Milli Gold, Jamie Johnson-Lee and Lewis Swinglehurst, for completing the lengthy course.

For such a small team they came 23rd out of 37, well done!

Thank you to Civilian Instructors Mr Tom Appleby and Mr Steve Everett, who gave up another day to stand in the cold for this event.

Activity First Aid Course

Saturday 14th - Sunday 15th February

Staff and cadets who are over 16 were invited, from local squadrons to qualify or re-qualify for their AFA Award. This award lasts three years.

On passing their three assessments at the end of extensive training, cadets are presented with their Green Badge.

Congratulations to Corporal Jacob Beaver and three cadets from 1005 (Radcliffe) Squadron who participated in the course and passed.

Also well done to Warrant Officer Mike Daley and Civilian Instructor Mr Tom Appleby who re-qualified.

Walkden Youth & Community Fair

Saturday 21st February

Walkden Community Group organised a fair to help promote clubs and activity providers in the area. We were accompanied by the sea cadets, scouts, local dance troops, library services and karate clubs.

Promoting the Squadron in the local area were Corporals Jacob Beaver, Abbie Gregson, Katie Morrell and Tom Rowley, supervised by Flight Lieutenant Samantha Morrell.

SSAFA Bag Pack

Saturday 21st & Sunday 22nd February

SSAFA Salford Branch asked if we could support their fundraiser again.
We raised a total of £822.05 on Saturday and £499.11 on Sunday, making a grand total of £1321.

We did ask that each cadet support at least one of the days, for the bag pack and we were rewarded with a good turn out.


Thank you to Cadets Bradley Atherton, Shannon Bradley, Oliver Cannon, James Crittenden, Harry Greenlees, Harry Jackson-Mallender, Bailey McCadden, Harry Powell and Lewis Topping.
Thanks to Civilian Instructor Mr Steve Everett for his time today.


Thank you to Cadet Warrant Officer Joe Morrell, Flight Sergeant Callum Wilson, Corporal Grace Leather, Cadets Georgio Adamopoulos, Bradley Atherton, Shannon Bradley, Joe Kay, Harry Greenlees and Alex Lambley.
Thanks to Sergeant Ava Joyce (ATC) for her time today.

Thanks to Glynis Horton who organised the weekend, she was mighty proud of all our young people. You were a credit to us.

It was agreed that because the Squadron was supporting SSAFA so much that any funds made in the bag pack, would be divided between the Squadron and SSAFA. I am please to announce that thanks to your efforts, we made £660 each.

Wing Shooting Competition

Sunday 22nd February

Well done to Corporals Abbie Gregson, Katie Morrell, Tom Rowley and Cadet Lewis Swinglehurst, who represented the Squadron in the Wing No 8 (.22) Shooting Competition.

The Squadron Team won the competition with Altrincham Squadron coming second, pipping our lead shooter to the Individual Trophy.

Cadet Swinglehurst was the top scorer in the team. To have four cadets in the top five scorers is fantastic.

Duke of Edinburgh Award

Saturday 28th February

This was an introduction to the Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme, for staff members who aim to build up their qualifications.

Civilian Instructor Mr James MacDonald went along for the day to learn about the courses available.

February 2015

  • Regional Rugby
  • D of E Assessors
  • Wing Training
  • Fieldcraft Weekend
  • Wing Shooting
  • Awards

Regional Rugby Competition

Sunday 1st March

Congratulations to Cadets Harry Jackson-Mallender and Alex Lambley who represented the Wing in the Junior Boys Rugby.

They will each be awarded with a Wing Blue and gained Bronze Medals in the competition.

Duke of Edinburgh Expedition Assessors

Sunday 1st March

Staff who wish to qualify as assessors, for the expedition section of the award scheme, must complete a course of theory and practice.

Thanks to Warrant Officer Mike Daley, Sergeant Ava Joyce, Civilian Instructors Mr Steve Everett and Mr James MacDonald for attending.
Flight Lieutenant Samantha Morrell also went along to update her knowledge.

Wing Training Weekend

Friday 13th - Sunday 15th March

Another opportunity for staff and cadets to take part in courses to enhance their personal portfolios. Some are mandatory for promotion and development.

Flight Lieutenant Samantha Morrell was a course director for Activity First Aid and along with another trainer, Flight Lieutenant Phil Hadfield of 2448 (Poynton) Squadron, qualified 24 cadets and staff from around the Wing.
These will be awarded their Green Badges.

Initial Standards Course

Cadet Harry Powell

Junior NCO Course

Corporals Jacob Beaver and Abbie Gregson

Advanced Standards Course

Corporal Katie Morrell

Method of Instruction Course

Civilian Instuctor Mr Steve Everett and Flight Sergeant Callum Wilson who was presented with his Instructor Cadet Lanyard.

Well done to all, it was a long weekend.

Squadron Fieldcraft Weekend

Friday 20th - Sunday 22nd March

Thank you to everybody who attended the weekend with enthusiasm! It was a different experience getting mucky and cammed up in the bushes!

The night-exercise and leadership challenges were designed to take people out of their comfort zone and all did very well.

Thanks to the staff who were prepared to do something different. The cadets really enjoyed it.

Wing Shooting Competition Air Rifle

Sunday 29th March

Cadets need to be under 16 and Leading Cadets or below, for eligibility for the Air Rifle competition, so that rules out some of our best marksman.

Nonetheless the team, Cadets Jakub Amin, Jamie Johnson-Lee, Alex Lambley and Lewis Swinglehurst, did very well by winning Silver Medals.

Cadet Swinglehurst was the 2nd highest scorer in the competition, already achieving this in the .22 shooting competition in February.

Well done to everybody.


Wednesday 4th March

So many cadets have gained so much recently that we needed a small ceremony to present the many varied awards.

Duke of Edinburgh

Silver Awards

Corporals Jacob Beaver, Abbie Gregson, Grace Leather, Katie Morrell, Tom Rowley and Cadet Lewis Swinglehurst.



Corporal Grace Leather and Cadet Harry Powell


Cadet Jamie Johnson-Lee


Communication Badges

Corporals Jacob Beaver, Katie Morrell and Tom Rowley

Awarded after a year of extra curricula activities which involved a series of examinations, in Radio/Radar, VHF Systems and Satellite Communications and Data.

There were a series of practical exercises which included use of a multi-meter, soldering and wiring a plug.
There were visits to Bolton Mountain Rescue Team training centre.
A visit to RAF Shawbury Air Traffic Control centre, which included a flight in a squirrel helicopter to hear comms live.
Finally a visit from Bolton wireless club, who kindly volunteered to show the cadets how to set up large antennas.
This work coupled with many hours of actual radio communication, whilst the cadets were radio operators at the Royal International Air Tattoo.

Whilst many other cadets are working their way through the syllabus, these are the first Communication Badges to be awarded since 2012.

March 2015

  • Wing Easter Camp
  • Wing Field Day
  • Expedition Kit Night
  • Duke of Edinburgh
  • Enrolment Service
  • Awards

Wing Easter Camp

Thursday 2nd - Tuesday 7th April

Cadets Bailey McCadden, Lewis Parsons and Harry Powell took part in a week of activities that included many field-craft activities, canoeing, leadership exercises, high ropes course, clay target shooting, No 8 and L98A2 shooting, climbing, obstacle course and archery.

Flight Lieutenant Morrell went over for a few days to help out on the ranges. The lads had a good week so bid for a place in future if you fancy this type of activity.

Wing Field Day

Sunday 19th April

A very early start and a late finish for this day, so thank you to all the cadets and staff who supported the event.


Cadet Warrant Officer Joe Morrell, Cadet Jakub Amin and Cadet Alex Lambley

Cadet Alex Lambley   4th in his category


Aircraft Recognition

Cadets Jakub Amin, Bradley Atheron, Harry Jackson-Mallender and Jamie Johnson-Lee


Banner Drill

Cadet Oliver Cannon   Standard Bearer

Sergeant Marcus Caldwell, Corporal Tom Rowley, Cadets Harry Powell and Lewis Swinglehurst



Cadet Warrant Officer Joe Morrell lead the squad for the last time.


First Aid

Corporals Abbie Gregson, Grace Leather and Cadet Jamie Johnson-Lee   who coped very well as a team and dealt with the incident promptly and efficiently.

Corporal Katie Morrell   was faced with an unconscious then not breathing casualty and coped excellently.


They will now go onto represent Greater Manchester Wing, in the Regional Competition in June and we wish them luck.


Cadet Warrant Officer Joe Morrell, Flight Sergeant Callum Wilson, Sergeant Marcus Caldwell, Corporals Abbie Gregson, Grace Leather, Cadets Jakub Amin, Harry Powell and Lewis Swinglehurst.

Bronze Medals

An excellent day of results and are proud of you all.

Expedition Kit Night

Wednesday 22nd April

Thanks to those parents who visited the squadron this evening. It is great to have your support and ensures that our cadets, get kit that ensures maximum comfort and safety, for the expeditions that are due at the end of May.

Wing Training Course

Saturday 25th - Sunday 26th April

Wing held a Duke of Edinburgh Eexpedition supervisors training course.

As you know the staff constantly strive to update their qualifications and maintain their competence.

Thanks to Civilian Instructor Mr Steve Everett who attended the course, along with Flight Lieutenant Samantha Morrell who instructed on the course.

Enrolment Service

Wednesday 29th April

Our Squadron Chaplain Reverend Hilary Brunyee very kindly gave up her evening, to enrol our latest intake of cadets, in the presence of a good turn out from parents, guardians and family members.

We welcome to the squadron Cadets Reece Beasley, Caitlin Beckley, Ethan Clarke-Gauld, Justin Markland and Daniel Murphy.
We hope you have a long career with us.


Wednesday 29th April

On this evening we also awarded the following promotions and badges.


Flight Sergeant

Sergeant Marcus Caldwell


Corporal Katie Morrell


Cadets Jakub Amin and Harry Powell


Senior Cadet

Corporal Grace Leather, Cadets Jakub Amin, Oliver Cannon and Lewis Swinglehurst

Leading Cadet

Cadets Bradley Atherton, Jamie Johnson-Lee and Lewis Parsons


Musicians Badge

Cadet Oliver Cannon

Regional Blue

First Aid

Cadet Warrant Officer Joe Morrell

April 2015

  • Expedition
  • Annual Presentation
  • Athletics
  • Shooting
  • Expedition
  • Exam Passes

Duke of Edinburgh Silver Practice Expedition

Friday 1st - Sunday 3rd May

The Silver Practice Group consisted of Corporals Jakub Amin, Harry Powell, Cadets Oliver Cannon, Alex Lambley and William Scowcroft.

Some of the up and coming gold group also travelled this weekend to have an opportunity to develop their map reading skills to a greater depth.

The weather was bearable on Friday/Saturday with a strong breeze and some sunshine but we got battered with the wind and rain just in time to cook tea on Saturday night and beyond. Still we had a great time!

Thanks to all the staff who gave up another long weekend.

Annual Presentation

Friday 8th May

What a great turn out for this annual event. I am sure that you were fed up of me telling you and your parents and our guests how proud I am of all of you and all who support us.

There were some exceptional awards and I am dreading next year already as I know that we will have even more to acknowledge and celebrate.

Every cadet came onto the stage to receive something, whether it was a Cadet Basic Training Certificate or a Certificate of Achievement that ran onto two pieces of card!

Whilst there are so many cadets and special achievements to acknowledge, here is a simple summary.

Cadet of the Year

Corporal Jacob Beaver

Junior Cadet of the Year

Cadet Jamie Johnson-Lee

Sports Cadet of the Year

Sergeant Katie Morrell

Reverend Brunyee was presented with a bouquet of flowers and so was our Squadron Chairman Mrs Deirdre Joyce. They are very committed to our successful squadron and I thank them for that.

Thanks to Ken and Jan of Royal British Legion Boothstown, who allow us use of the room and who provided the buffet.

Thanks to all our parents, guardians families and friends that supported the night. It is always great that you show support for our young people.

As Squadron Commander I thank you all for my beautiful bouquet of flowers and along with all our wonderful staff team, look forward to your forthcoming support.

Inter-Flight Athletics

Friday 15th May

Thanks to all those cadets who turned up at Walkden High Schools new sports field and track for practice in the rain!

You all ran and threw enthusiastically and it helped us to pick our athletics team for the Wing Competition.

Wing Athletics Competition

Sunday 17th May

Cadets attended the Regional Athletics centre today, right next to the doors of Ethiad stadium. As usual there was a mixture of sunshine and showers and was pretty cold.

The following cadets helped the Squadron to gain points for the Squadron Championship.

Junior Girls

Cadets Caitlin Beckley and Shannon Bradley

Cadet Caitlin Beckley   Bronze Medal - 800m

Senior Girls

Sergeant Katie Morrell

Junior Boys

Cadets Ethan Clarke-Gauld, Daniel Murphy and Justin Markland

Intermediate Boys

Corporal Jacob Beaver, Cadets Jakub Amin, Harry Jackson-Mallender, Jamie Johnson-Lee and Lewis Topping

Senior Boys

Corporal Harry Powell   Silver Medal - Shot Put

Overall the Boys Team came 21st and the Girls Team came 15th. That gave us a combined effort of 22nd from 37 Squadrons on the day.

Well done to all those who attended.


Saturday 16th May

Several cadets attended Bury TA Centre Range today and practiced their shooting skills with the No 8 Rifle.

Some of our new cadets fired for the first time.

Thanks to Pilot Officer Mark Parry from 1036 (Bury) Squadron who gave up his time to facilitate the day for us.

Well done to all those who attended.

Duke of Edinburgh Expedition Training

Saturday 23rd - Sunday 24th May

Cadets had a great weekend practicing their skills for the Duke of Edinburgh Award. For those new cadets who were too young for Duke of Edinburgh, enjoyed the opportunity to practice their camping and campcraft skills.

Those in attendance this weekend were; Corporal Harry Powell, Cadets Jakub Amin, Bradley Atherton, Reece Beasley, Caitlin Beckley, Shannon Bradley, Oliver Cannon, Ethan Clarke-Gauld, Jacob Farr, Harry Greenlees, Joseph Kay, Harry Jackson-Mallender, Jamie Johnson-Lee, Alex Lambley, Justin Markland, Daniel Murphy, Lewis Parsons and Lewis Topping.

Cadet Warrant Officer Joe Morrell, Sergeant Katie Morrell, Corporals Grace Leather and Thomas Rowley also helped to support the weekend.

Well done to you all.


Leading Cadet

Cadet Alex Lambley

He has been awarded with his badge.

May 2015

  • Sports Leaders
  • Squadron AGM
  • Regional Field Day
  • Fundraising Day
  • Wing Training
  • Activity First Aid
  • Exam Passes

Sports Leaders

Wednesday 10th June

The Squadron runs it’s own Sports Leaders Awards and approval to do this takes place every 3 years.

Today was our revalidation meeting and I am please to announce that we passed with flying colours and these awards will be on offer again soon.

Squadron Annual General Meeting

Wednesday 10th June

Thanks to those parents, guardians and friends of the squadron who attended the AGM this evening. We had good support and the following nominations for civilian committee were proposed and nominated.

Squadron Chairman

Mrs Deirdre Joyce

Squadron Treasurer

Mr Ged Bithell

Squadron Secretary

Mrs Deborah Gregson

Regional Field Day

Sunday 14th June

Members of the Squadron represented the Wing again today in the following competitions and will be awarded their representative Wing Blues in due course.

Band - Fanfare Section

Sergeant Rebecca Simcock, Corporal Thomas Rowley, Cadets Jakub Amin and Jamie Johnson-Lee

First Aid Competition - Young Adult Team

Flight Sergeant Callum Wilson

First Aid Competition - Junior Team

Sergeant Katie Morrell, Corporals Abbie Gregson, Grace Leather and Cadet Jamie Johnson-Lee

Well done to you all and after a very long day, you all deserve your wing blues.

Fundraising Day

Saturday 20th June

Thank you to Sergeant Ava Joyce (ATC) and those cadets who supported today’s event.

It was ruined by the rain which did not stop all day. Sadly as a result, we did not raise much money.

Anybody who would like to purchase any gifts to fundraise, for the Royal Air Force Association is welcome to contact the Squadron.

Wing Training Weekend

Friday 26th - Sunday 28th June

The following cadets passed their nominated courses and will be awarded with their certificates in due course. Each cadet has to attend the course that precedes the next course.

Initial Cadet Training Course

Cadets Bradley Atherton, Daniel Crowther, Jamie Johnson-Lee and Lewis Parsons

Initial Standards Course

Cadets Alex Lambley and Lewis Swinglehurst

Junior NCO Course

Corporal Harry Powell

Method of Instructor Course

Flight Sergeant Marcus Caldwell
Who passed his lesson assessment and was awarded with his Instructor Cadet Lanyard.

Well done to all who attended.

Activity First Aid

Monday 29th - Tuesday 30th June

Twenty two cadets and staff from around the wing attended this course held at Worsley Squadron. They successfully passed their assessments to gain their AFA Certificates.

In attendance from Worsley Squadron were; Sergeant Katie Morrell, Corporals Harry Powell, Grace Leather, Tom Rowley, Cadets Oliver Cannon and Lewis Swingehurst.
They have been awarded their Green First Aid Badges. Well done to you all.

Thanks to Flight Lieutenant Phil Hadfield, the Wing First Aid Officer and Sergeant Ava Joyce (ATC), who assisted over the weekend.


During the month of June the following cadets took their classification exams.

Leading Cadet

Cadet Daniel Crowther

First Class Cadet

Cadets Shannon Bradley, Harry Jackson-Mallender and Lewis Topping

They have all been awarded with their badges.

June 2015

  • Air Cadet Leadership Course
  • Five-a-Side
  • Summer Camp
  • CWO Joe Morrell
  • Exam Passes

Air Cadet Leadership Course

Saturday 11th - Saturday 18th July 2015

This is one of two elite courses for 16 - 17 year old Senior Cadets that the ATC run nationally.

Requirements are to be able to run a mile and a half in 12½ min, a 20km march, a three mile team log run, extensive leadership exercise, two nights camping in a self made bivvy shelter, cook with a ration pack and perform a week of drill, rehearsing for the passing out parade which is completed at the RAF College for Officers.

Well done to Sergeant Katie Morrell to be selected for the course. It was a credit to her and the ethos of 1099. Not only was she nearly the smallest but she was definitely the youngest at 16 and 1 month.
She was awarded the highest pass with distinction, one of only three from that week of 60 cadets from around the United Kingdom.

She will have the opportunity to tell the cadets what she got upto and encourage more people to apply for the course next year.

Wing Five-a-Side Competition

Sunday 12th July

Well done to all our teams, who did not do brilliantly in each of the 5 categories but because we had representatives in each, their total points meant they came 9th.

That is a superb result and gives us lots of championship points. Your commitment was greatly appreciated.

Summer Camp

Saturday 18th - Saturday 25th July

Summer camp this year was at RAF Northolt in London. The Squadron along with cadets from Knutsford, Levenshulme, Lymm, St Gregory’s (Bell Vue), Poynton, Trafford and Warrington Squadrons, had a great week.

Section Visits

It is an opportunity to see many aspects of the RAF, visiting various sections such as; Air Traffic Control, BFPO, Bomb Disposal, Fire Station and Police Dogs.

RAF Stations

There are also visits to the surrounding area which started with a visit to RAF Fairford and the Royal International Air Tattoo air display.
They visited the High Ropes course at RAF Halton and some cadets had an opportunity to fly in the Tutor at RAF Wittering.


Into London to take in the usual sights; Buckingham Palace, Changing of the Guard, Downing Street, Horse Guards, Natural History Museum and Westminster.
They also visited the new Bomber Command Memorial by Green Park.

Finishing off with a very cold and wet day on the rides at Thorpe Park.

Our attending cadets were; Sergeant Katie Morrell, Corporals Jacob Beaver, Grace Leather, Harry Powell, Tom Rowley, Cadets Caitlin Beckley, Jacob Farr, Harry Greenlees, Harry Jackson-Mallender, Alex Lambley, Lewis Parsons and Lewis Swinglehurst.

Camp Commandant for the week was Flight Lieutenant Samantha Morrell and she was accompanied by some great staff from around the Wing; Flying Officer Jayne Price, Warrant Officer Keiron Corbett, Sergeants Charlotte Bailey, Ava Joyce, Civilian Instructors Mr Dave Scholes and Mr Pete Harpley.

All the cadets behaved great and were a credit to us.
Thanks to you all for a great week and for giving up your time to gain a great experience.

CWO Joe Morrell’s Final Parade!

Friday 31st July

Sad News

Sadly everybody’s cadet career must come to an end and after 7 full years of wonderful commitment, we presented him with a leaving card and a photo frame of some of his memorable moments

Good News

Cadet Warrant Officer Joe Morrell now becomes Civilian Instructor Mr Morrell!

We welcome him on board our excellent staff team and wish him many more successful years.


During the month of July the following cadets took their classification exams

Master Air Cadet

Sergeant Katie Morrell, Corporals Jacob Beaver and Tom Rowley
This was their last academic exam and they now progress onto teaching skills, aiming for their Method of Instructors Awards.

Senior Cadet

Corporal Harry Powell and Cadet William Scowcroft

They have all been awarded with their badges.

July 2015

  • Scottish Activity Week
  • Exam Results

Scottish Activity Week

Monday 3rd August - Wednesday 12th August

This is the first time the squadron has used the Norwegian Adventure Training Lodge. The refurbished hut is a reminder of Norwegian Commandos that where housed and trained here during the Second World War.

To start the week off the cadets and staff, spent time on the beach despite the non-sunny weather. In the afternoon it was off to Aviemore Swimming Pool and local centres of interest, including Cairngorm Mountain Railway.

Loch Insh

A day was spent raft building and windsurfing on Loch Insh.

The morning involved designing a raft that met the instructors specifications.
The group were split into two groups and constructed rafts for competitions in build, stability and racing. The lads raft had some build issues, so no prizes except for entertainment.

After lunch they where instructed on wind surfboard simulators and again split into two groups. While one group windsurfed the other went paddle boarding.

Finishing by jumping off the jetty.

National Navigation Award Scheme

Most of the day cadets brushed up their map reading skills the NNAS. Time was spent micro-navigating around the Rothiemurchus Estate.

Later that day it was back to a small walk to visit close hand, the work of Cairngorm Reindeer Centre.

Cadets got in amongst the reindeer and helped feed them.

Quad Biking

This year saw a change of location and chose quad biking around the Dalraddy estate. The instructors put the cadets through their paces, returning covered in mud!

Highland Games

Travelling on the Strathspay Steam Railway cadets got to punch their own tickets and on reaching Abernethy, they were allowed on the footplate.

Onto Nethy Bridge and the Abernethy Highland Games, to see the local Mass Pipe Bands, highland dancers, tossing the caber, weight over the bar and other events!


On the way to Inverness, cadets visited the Tomatin Whisky Distillery. After lunch in Inverness it was off to ice skating and finish off with bowling.

Thanks to all the staff who took their time to help in the kitchen, amongst other duties and to all the cadets who made the week an enjoyable time.

Summer College & School Exam Results

Congratulations to all our AS Level and GCSE students who have performed outstandingly this summer.

You have all deserved what you have got. Well done and congratulations from all the staff.

August 2015

  • New Intake
  • Regional Heath & Safety
  • Swimming
  • Battle of Britain Parade
  • Staff Updates
  • Flying
  • Wing Presentation Evening

New Intake

Wednesday 2nd September

We offer a warm welcome to our latest group of new cadet starters. They are all very excited as they start their ATC careers and we wish them a long and happy time with us.

Regional Heath & Safety

Wednesday 9th September

We welcomed Nichola Foster from North Region who has to visit each squadron and report on the building, along with administrative health and safety matters.

We passed the evening and after a few minor tweaks will expect to be awarded the highest rating of gold standard.


Saturday 12th September

Congratulations to the following cadets who gained their Swimming Proficiency Awards:


Cadets Shannon Bradley, Jacob Farr, Seb Foy, Harry Jackson-Mallender and Lewis Topping

Intermediate Award

Corporal Jacob Beaver, Cadets Ethan Clarke-Gauld, Brody Howell-Partington, Joe Kay, Thomas Maher and Justin Markland

We had some great timings today and this allowed us to pick a good Swimming Team for the forthcoming Wing Swimming Competition.

Wing Swimming Competition

Sunday 27th September

What a fantastic result we earned at the end of this day.

Junior Girls

Cadet Shannon Bradley

Senior Girls

Sergeant Katie Morrell
4th - Breaststoke   4th - Freestyle   5th - 4 x Lengths Individual Medley


Junior Boys

Cadet Daniel Crowther and Cadet Thomas Maher

Cadet Daniel Crowther   Silver Medal - Freestyle   Silver Medal - Butterfly   Silver Medal - 4 x Lengths Individual Medley

Cadet Thomas Maher   6th - Backstroke   7th - Breaststroke


Senior Boys

Flight Sergeant Callum Wilson and Corporal Harry Powell

Flight Sergeant Callum Wilson   5th - Breaststroke   5th - Butterfly

Corporal Harry Powell   Bronze Medal - Backstroke   Bronze Medal - Freestyle


When you combine the lads and the girls results we came 2nd overall. This was a superb result from such a small team.
Well done!

Wing Selection

Sergeant Katie Morrell, Corporal Harry Powell and Cadet Daniel Crowther have all been selected to represent Greater Manchester Wing at the North Regional competition in October.
We wish them luck.

Wing Battle of Britain Parade

Sunday 13th September

As Manchester was having some serious inner city works at this time, we were unable to hold the Annual Parade in the City this year. So Stockport Royal Air Force Association kindly offered the Wing an opportunity to parade with them.

It was a great turnout from around the Wing and the Squadron had a good presence.

Thank you to Sergeant Katie Morrell, Corporals Jakub Amin, Jacob Beaver, Grace Leather, Harry Powell, Tom Rowley, Cadets Oliver Cannon, Ethan-Clarke Gauld, Harry Greenlees, Harry Jackson-Mallender, Joe Kay, Alex Lambley, Lewis Swinglehurst and Lewis Topping, who gave up their time to support the event.

Staff Updates

Friday 18th - Saturday 19th September

Flight Lieutenant Samantha Morrell and the Wing First Aid Trainer, Flight Lieutenant Phil Hadfield attended RAF Linton-on-Ouse this weekend to have an update, on re-qualifying those already assessing AFA Courses in the Wing.

Saturday 19th – Friday 25th September

Well done to Civilian Instructor Mr James MacDonald who attended the Mountain Leaders Pre-assessment Course this week and passed… not that we expected anything else!

Mr MacDonald has spent his weekends climbing mountains, to log enough training days to undertake the assessment in November.
This will make him a fully qualified Mountain Leader, who can then take groups out into much harsher terrain, starting with our Gold Duke of Edinburgh expedition group.
His commitment and dedication to his course has been outstanding and we thank him very much for that.

Staff Commitment

I would just like to emphasise what remarkable commitment all our staff, show in supporting the organisation and compliment the knowledge and experience of each and every one of our staff.
We have several staff that are very highly trained in many specialities within the Wing.


Saturday 26th September

At last, the weather was in our favour and there was a good supply of aircraft and pilots to fly, Sergeant Katie Morrell, Corporal Jacob Beaver, Cadets James Johnson-Lee, Bailey McCadden, Alex Lambley and Lewis Topping.

Sadly one of our cadets was a little too small for the parachute and could not fly. Cadet Joe Kay made up for this with a go in the flight simulator and a visit to Air Traffic Control.

Also in attendance that day, were 1005 (Radcliffe) Squadron and 1036 (Bury) Squadron.

Thanks to all the pilots who gave our cadets a really great experience, depending on whether they were first time flyers or had flown before. They had a great day.
All the cadets were complimented by the flight staff, that they were very well mannered and it had been a pleasure to fly them that day.

Wing Presentation Evening

Wednesday 30th September

Warrant Officer Mike Daley was presented with his Warrant Officer Certificate by Air Commodore David Prowse.

Civilian Instructor Mr Joe Morrell was presented with his CI Certificate by Wing Commander Archibald and also picked up his Cadet Warrant Officer Certificate, that had been delayed.

September 2015

  • Expeditions
  • Enrolment Parade
  • Communication Syllabus
  • Activity Weekend
  • Regional Swimming
  • Wing Training
  • Bag Pack
  • Halloween

Duke of Edinburgh Award Expeditions

Friday 2nd - Sunday 4th October

This was the final practice for those cadets who wish to qualify for their Bronze and Silver expeditions later in October.
Well done to all, it was a great weekend.

Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Expedition

Saturday 24th - Sunday 25th October

Well done to Cadets Bradley Atherton, Shannon Bradley and James Johnson-Lee along with Sergeant Laura Jones of 319 (City of Salford) Squadron who battled the rain on Saturday.
Fortunately the weather was a little more kind on the Sunday.

Thanks to Pilot Officer Simon Doherty of 317 (Failsworth) Squadron for assessing the weekend.
He was pleased with your determination to have a successful weekend.

Thanks to Civilian Instructor Mr Steve Everett for supervising for the weekend.

Duke of Edinburgh Silver Expedition

Sunday 25th October - Tuesday 27th October

Well done to Corporals Jakub Amin, Harry Powell, Cadets Oliver Cannon and Alex Lambley who had three days of varying weather.
Going dark earlier made it a long evening to pass time.

Thank you to Civilian Instructor Miss Alexandra Norris of 1005 (Radcliffe) Squadron who helped supervise the weekend.

Enrolment Parade

Wednesday 7th October

Our Squadron Chaplain Reverend Hilary Brunyee very kindly enrolled Cadets Thomas Ashworth, Joseph Driscoll, Seb Foy and Olivia Vickers, into the Squadron this evening, in the presence of their parents and guardians.

We wish you a long and happy career with us.

Communication Badge Syllabus

Wednesday 7th October

A meeting was held with Wing Radio Officer Mr Chris Cunliffe, to update information on the changes of the Communication Badge syllabus, in which the Squadron is very active.

There are some exciting changes planned for the future and the structure of the badges are to change also.

Squadron Activity Weekend

Friday 9th - Sunday 11th October

This was a very busy weekend with cadets taking part in shooting, sports leadership and radio communication practical exercises.

We had two great days on the range and a number of Marksmanship Badges were gained. These will be sent to the Wing Shooting Officer for verification and hopefully we will present new Marksmanship Badges in due course.

We would like to thank Flying Officer Matt Coakley of 319 (City of Salford) Squadron who gave up his weekend to support Flight Lieutenant Samantha Morrell as a Range Conducting Officer.

Some cadets from his squadron also attended and they had a great time.
Thanks to Sergeant Adam Curtis (ATC) of Salford Squadron who drove the cadets down for the day.

I also need to thank Civilian Instructors Mr Tom Appleby and Mr Joe Morrell who ran sports and sports leaders training and to Sergeant Ava Joyce (ATC) who ran the radio practical exercises.

Thanks to all for a great weekend.

North Regional Swimming Competition

Saturday 10th October

Congratulations to Sergeant Katie Morrell and Corporal Harry Powell who gained Wing Blues for swimming today.
They travelled a long way to support the Wing, with Sergeant Ava Joyce (ATC) driving them all the way.

They were awarded a Bronze Medal and a Silver Medal in the Senior Relay events.
Well done, your Certificates have been well earned.

Wing Training Weekend

Friday 16th - Sunday 18th October

Well done to all those cadets who attended this busy weekend. All cadets passed their respective courses and some will be awarded with a course reports and certificate in due course.

Initial Cadet Training Course

Cadets Caitlin Beckley, Ethan Clarke-Gauld, Justin Markland and Daniel Murphy

Initial Standards Course

Cadets James Johnson-Lee and Lewis Topping

Junior NCO Course

Corporal Grace Leather and Cadet Lewis Swinglehurst
Corporal Leather was the only one on this course to pass with a merit rating overall, so well done to her.

Advanced Standards Course

Corporal Harry Powell

Method of Instruction Course

Sergeants Jacob Beaver, Katie Morrell and Corporal Thomas Rowley

Following a detailed assessment of lesson preparation and presentation, these three are now reclassified as Instructor Cadets and are to be awarded with their Instructor Cadet Lanyards.

Well done to you all.

SSAFA Bag Pack

Saturday 17th & Sunday 18th October


Due to many cadets being away on Saturday we only had support from three Cadets; Georgio Adamopoulos and Harry Greenlees who packed non stop from 9am - 5pm, with Alex Lambley also assisting on the day.
Between the three of them, along with Flight Lieutenant Samantha Morrell, Civilian Instructor Mr Joe Morrell and a couple of members from SSAFA, they raised £497 on Saturday.


On Sunday we were supported by a few more Cadets; Shannon Bradley, Joe Driscoll, Seb Foy, Harry Greenlees, Bailey McCadden and Daniel Platt who attended the full day. Also assisted on this day were Corporal Jakub Amin and Cadet William Scowcroft, raising £631 so thanks to all who helped.

Thanks to all the parents and guardians that drove our young people to Asda, it was worth it as SSAFA are donating half to Squadron funds.

Thank you SSAFA and Glinis Horton their organiser who bursts with pride when our cadets are always very well complimented.

Tanks to the staff and customers at Asda Store, Swinton.

Halloween Fancy Dress

Friday 30th October

Thanks to all the cadets who made an effort to decorate the squadron and dress up in spooky and freaky outfits.

October 2015

  • Alton Towers
  • Committee Meeting
  • Remembrance Parade
  • Drill Competition
  • Staff Update
  • Children In Need
  • First Aid Course
  • Shooting
  • 48th Anniversary Disco
  • Wing Netball

Alton Towers

Sunday 1st November

Those cadets who attended RAF Northolt Summer Camp in July were given a free pass to Alton Towers, after a miserable day at Thorpe Park in the summer which was a wash-out.
We had a sunny but cold day at Alton Towers but it was worth it as there was no queues on any rides.

Thanks to Flight Lieutenant Samantha Morrell and Sergeant Ava Joyce (ATC) who were happy to fill their vehicles.

Civilian Welfare Committee Meeting

Wednesday 4th

Thank you to those parents and guardians who attended the meeting to discuss forward planning. It is always nice to see new faces at the meeting.

Remembrance Parade

Sunday 8th November

Thank you to all our cadets who were impressive in the band performance this morning.
Well done to Sergeant Tom Rowley and Cadet James Johnson-Lee, our two trumpeters who played Last Post and Reveille.

The congregation are always delighted to see you perform.

Inter-Flight Drill Competition

Sunday 8th November

What an excellent turn out from our parents, guardians, families and friends. It was great to see you all supporting our annual drill competition that was completed in between the rain clouds.

Drill Competition

Best Drill Squad

B Flight

Best Uniform Inspection

A Flight

Best NCO in Charge of the Flight

Sergeant Katie Morrell - A Flight

Inter-Flight Drill Winners

Congratulations to Sergeant Jacob Beaver and B Flight who won the drill competition.
They were awarded with the gold medals.

Runners Up

Well done to Sergeant Katie Morrell and A Flight who were runners up today.
They gave a good performance and are congratulated on your efforts.

New Cadets

I hope you enjoyed seeing our latest recruits also demonstrate their drill skills to date, with Corporal Tom Rowley leading.


Marksmanship Badges

We took the opportunity to present the following Marksmanship Badges that were gained at RAF Shawbury in October.

Squadron Marksman

Cadet Alex Lambley

Regional Marksman

Sergeant Jacob Beaver and Corporal Grace Leather

Corps Marksman

Corporal Tom Rowley


We ended the afternoon with the presentation of promotions of two cadets.


Corporal Tom Rowley


Cadet Lewis Swinglehurst

Well done to all the staff and cadets for a fabulous day and particular thanks to our committee, who did the catering for the day.

Staff Update

Sunday 8th - Friday 13th November

Civilian Instructor Mr James MacDonald passed his Mountain Leaders Assessment this week, in atrocious weather at the Lake District Mountain Centre.
This is a huge achievement and he is to be congratulated on his commitment to the course.

In order to prepare for this he had to undergo many mountain walks and weekend training preparing himself for the assessment.

This is great from a cadet expedition point of view.
Mr MacDonald is qualified to take our cadets and staff anywhere in the country now.
His first task is to get our gold candidates through their Gold Expedition next year.

Children In Need Fundraising Evening

Friday 13th November

Thank you to those cadets who donated cookies and cakes to sell this evening, that raised just over £50.

Each cadet came in fancy dress in a theme, what they wanted to be when they were older and paid £1 to do so.

The chocolate raffle was won by Sergeant Jacob Beaver.

Thanks to all our parents and guardians who contributed to the raffle on Remembrance Day and who also Gift Aided their donations for Children in Need.
In total we raised £150.

Youth First Aid Course

Tuesday 24th - Wednesday 25th November

Well done to our latest cadets Joseph Driscoll, Seb Foy, Thomas Maher, Daniel Platt and Olivia Vickers, who have passed their Youth First Aid course and will be awarded their badges in due course.

They underwent an assessment in dealing with a casualty who was not breathing, a casualty who was unconscious and a casualty who had a bleeding wound.
It can be stressful for them but well done as they all passed.


Saturday 21st November

What a fabulous days shooting we had today.
Several cadets gained Marksmanship Badges and we shall present them when they are authorised.

48th Anniversary Disco

Friday 27th November

Thanks to everybody who supported the evening.
Parents and guardians were amazed that all the cadets, knew all the typical dance routines and thought that we practiced at the squadron!

Next opportunity for dancing will be our presentation in May.

Wing Netball Competition

Sunday 29th November

The girls tried their best and came 11th on the day of this event.
That gave us 27 points for the Squadron Championship, so well worth attending.

Well done to Sergeant Katie Morrell, Corporals Abbie Gregson, Grace Leather, Cadets Caitlin Beckley, Shannon Bradley, Faye Taylor and Olivia Vickers.

Thanks to Flight Lieutenant Morrell and Civilian Instructor Mr Tom Appleby who gave up their time to support the team.

November 2015

  • Christmas Sing-Song
  • Christmas Quiz
  • Merry Christmas

Inter-Flight Christmas Sing-Song

Wednesday 16th December

Well done to both flights for their inventive songs and tunes!

Congratulations to A Flight who won the competition gaining most staff votes for words, tunes and dazzling Christmas jumpers!

Thanks to all of you who brought in food and drink for the buffet. As usual you all made a great effort.

Christmas Quiz

Friday 18th December

Well done to the Merry Prancers 3.0 consisting of Sergeants Jacob Beaver, Katie Morrell, Tom Rowley and Cpl Lewis Swinglehurst who won the competition for another year.

Runners up again were the Chrimbo Bimbos consisting of Corporals Abbie Gregson, Grace Leather, Harry Powell and Cadet Oliver Cannon

Here ends 2015, thanks for a great year.

Merry Christmas to all our readers.

December 2015